6 Ways That Microsoft Teams Can Help Boost Your Business

Microsoft Teams turns three years old this year and still sets the standard for enhancing internal organisational collaboration.

Included into Microsoft’s 365 suite of office applications, it has grown into an essential tool for many businesses, non-profits, and government agencies seeking better communication in a more efficient manner.

What is Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a chat-based workspace that enables organisations to bring together staff, their conversations, and important content. Its main purpose lies in helping individuals and organisations achieve their potential through technology. 

Cloud computing and mobile technology have revolutionised organisational communications and culture and will do more in the years to come. Microsoft Teams serves as one of many tools to help any organisation keep up with the technological curve and operate efficiently and effectively. 

Benefits of Using Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams offers a number of essential functions and features that facilitate better communication. This service also comes with regular updates to enhance functionality and to protect security.

Increase Collaboration

Microsoft Teams pushes communication and collaboration into the digital realm. This low overhead tool helps to serve as a hub for teamwork by combining voice, chat, video, and meetings into one service. Teams integrates all Office applications into one service. 

Teams represents a step forward from email chains and attachments. These can create confusion and are inefficient methods compared to advances in technology, such as Microsoft Teams.

Those not present can share their files and ideas in real-time, elevating the capabilities of Microsoft Teams above those of streaming services or conference calling. Partnership with Skype for Business further enhances its reach and ease of use.

Easy to Use

Microsoft designed Teams specifically for ease of use. Many offices have staff with a diverse level of technical and digital skills. You can launch a voice or video call with a single click. The innovative user interface was designed for ease of access and use. 

Employees can spend more time on core functions rather than learning new technology.

Regular Updates and Improvements

Microsoft never rests. In a world of security threats and advancing capabilities, systems must receive constant and effective updates. Microsoft Teams regularly adds apps, as well as improved integration and improvements. Some of these include collaboration with well-known programs such as Survey Monkey, InVision, and Trello. 

Almost every system connected to the online world should consider itself a target for cyber criminals and terrorists. Microsoft ranks among the world leaders in protecting data and information. All programs adhere to the highest regulatory standards of data protection. 

Everything You Need in One Convenient Place

Microsoft Teams brings it all together into one convenient hub. You can share Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, videos, and other files. Soon, Microsoft partner Skype for Business will merge completely into Teams, adding to the plethora of features already available. 

Maximise Your Current Microsoft Investment

Teams is included in the Microsoft Office suite of programs, so you do not have to pay extra for the service if you already subscribe. Microsoft Teams enhances each of the individual Office programs by helping them, much like your staff, become more than the sum of their parts. When you use Teams, you create a digital environment of free-flowing ideas, innovation, and interaction. 

For three years, Microsoft Teams has helped a wide variety of businesses, government agencies, and other organisations expand their capabilities and increase office efficiency. 

Microsoft sets global standards for producing the most innovative and effective office programs and platforms while maintaining the strictest standards of security possible. Check out what Teams can do for you today.

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