Business Continuity Solutions

We know downtime is not an option. Milan Industries offers backup and disaster recovery solutions to keep your business up and running even when disasters happen.

Are you prepared for every cyber eventuality?
Could your business run without IT?

The answer to both those questions is probably no. Cybercrime evolves daily and it’s impossible to be prepared for every eventuality. Your business runs 365 days a year and your systems run 24/7. You need your data in real-time. So why not have a proactive solution to ensure you are safe from disaster?

Disasters can strike IT at any time: rain, hail, fire, human error, ransomware or system failure.

When disaster occur, speed is of the essence. We can get our clients’ data to them within 6 seconds.

93% of companies without a disaster recovery plan who suffer a major disaster are normally out of business within 12 months.

We think the Business Continuity Solutions from Milan Industries are vital because:

Don’t be a statistic

Engage with a business continuity plan to minimise costs in the event of an IT disaster and guarantee you’re only 6 seconds away from your data.

Obligation free discovery discussion.

From managed IT services and security, all the way to business continuity and the cloud. We build custom solutions to reduce costs, embrace digital transformation and help your business thrive.