Cloud Phones & Cloud Unified Communications

Don’t be restrained by your phone any longer. Free yourself and your team with cloud phones and cloud unified communications systems, so you can travel and move as required, without compromising your work.

Do you need to be out of the office often?
Are you tired of feeling bound to your desk?

Staff don’t need to feel tied to their desks because of their phones, computers and video conference systems any longer. Cloud phones and cloud unified communication systems have freed office workers across Australia. Milan Industries has developed solutions that allow you to free yourself from the desk and work wherever and whenever you want, be it via your mobile phone or on a laptop at a café or from a home office. Now you can work anywhere and not miss vital business communication.

Cloud Phones and Cloud Communication from Milan Industries means:

You can work anywhere

our Cloud phones allow you to work wherever you want, be it at your desk in the office, or on the road, or on your mobile, or even abroad.

Easy, quality video conferencing

our solutions allow you to hold and join video conferences from any country, on any device, at any time.

Instant messaging services

reconnect your team with our instant message solution to enable constant communications from all parties involved.

Gain flexibility

Upgrade to cloud phones and cloud communications and take advantage of 21st century freedom.

Obligation free discovery discussion.

From managed IT services and security, all the way to business continuity and the cloud. We build custom solutions to reduce costs, embrace digital transformation and help your business thrive.