Did Uber Deployed ‘Surfcam Spyware’ in Australia to Crush the Competition?

It is alleged a rogue employee deployed a “secret spyware program” to help Uber get a competitive advantage against local businesses in Australian markets. Dubbed Surfcam, the software was developed in 2015 and scraped driver and vehicle data. The company spokesperson is denying any claims, but this is now the second time Surfcam has been mentioned after similar allegations were made in Singapore. Full report here

Although the spyware program is likely using rider data to optimize marketing efforts on behalf of Uber, it can have serious consequences for competitors and consumers in the long run. At the same time, users do not face an immediate threat.

The improper use of data is making headlines across the world, and companies must do everything they can to avoid being involved. The stewardship of personal and payment information should be at utmost importance for small businesses and can be accomplished by partnering with the right security solution.

Cyber-attacks are growing in cost, size, and impact globally.

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