Intelligent IT solutions for schools and training organisations to improve learning and teaching alike.

Do you want an IT solution that improves student engagement as well as being compliant?
Do your staff required an IT system which supports their teaching capacity?

Milan Industries provides IT security and IT systems for a range of education institutions. From primary school level to university, technology has become a vital part of our education processes. Protecting digital assets through secure IT systems keeps staff and students safe. Additionally, integrating Cloud-based practices into your education processes can modernise and advance the offerings at your institution.

Cloud Solutions

Shift your educational practices to the Cloud and centralise educational tools and processes including work submission, resource access and result sharing.

Superior Security

Protect staff and student intellectual property with comprehensive IT security, including secure backup options and recovery solution in the event of a compromised system.

Improved Resources

Support your students and staff onsite and remotely with cloud-based systems, allowing access to all necessary resources to facilitate learning and improve inclusiveness at your institution.

Advanced IT solutions for education.

Discover how our A-grade IT services can take your staff and students to the next level and prepare themselves for the school of life.

Obligation free discovery discussion.

From managed IT services and security, all the way to business continuity and the cloud. We build custom solutions to reduce costs, embrace digital transformation andhelp your business thrive.