Enhancing End User Cyber Awareness to Protect Your Organisation

Cybersecurity dominates today’s headlines. Businesses, governments, and others face an ever-multiplying array of threats from across the globe. Some come from cyber criminals eager to access treasure troves of useful data from personal information to company or government secrets. Cyber terrorists exist to disrupt and destroy. From power grids to national elections, everything serves as a target for internet malefactors.

No organisation is small enough to be safe. Recent warnings indicate that cyber criminals have started targeting small businesses, as well as government and educational services in rural areas, correctly assuming they have low cyber awareness.

With the dark web emerging as the most significant threat to organisational cyber security, systems that scan and monitor that realm should be part of your cyber awareness plan.

Why Cyber Awareness Should Be Your Priority

Cyber awareness means that an organisation and its leadership have taken stock of their vulnerabilities and have worked to reduce them. Vulnerabilities can range from inadequate training of personnel to outdated systems. Even modern systems grow exceedingly vulnerable if not properly maintained and managed.

Cyber criminals have years of experience, tools manufactured and lost by intelligence agencies, and a knack for finding weaknesses. Enhancing cyber awareness reduces the chance that you will become an easy mark.

Cyber Awareness Everyone Should Practice

Organisational leadership needs to enact training in cyber awareness and security basics. This includes common practices, such as not opening up emails or texts from anonymous or unrecognised sources. 

System managers always need to allow updates to install. Last year, the city of Atlanta in the United States paid out large sums of money to a ransomware attack. IT staff made it easy for the criminals by failing to install recommended updates. 

Because cyber criminals and terrorists have experience and knowledge, these measures will not be enough if they decide to make your organisation and its digital and data assets a target.

Services That Can Help Protect Your Systems and Organisation

One service that can help your organisation remain cyber aware while reducing vulnerability is dark web scanning. The dark web serves as the underworld of the internet, where uncountable criminal and terrorist elements operate and thrive without detection. Only through special browsing software can you access the dark web. 

The dark web also serves as a global marketplace for stolen data, illegal drugs, illicit weapons, child exploitation material, and other evil practices.

Dark web scanning can trace important information related to your organisation in this murky and dangerous underworld. This includes stolen email addresses, business and personal accounts, and other information essential to breaching your organisation. 

Scanning combines the best of human and artificial intelligence to sweep dark web forums, chat rooms, private networks, and criminal websites outside of the conventional internet. It can even penetrate supposedly private and locked down dark web criminal sites that may serve as illicit storehouses of information.

While dark web scans cannot remove compromising information from the hands of criminals, it can provide valuable intelligence on your system’s vulnerabilities. You can then work with professional consultants to determine how best to shore up your system and protect against cyber attacks. 

Why This Is Important to Your Organisation

As cyber attacks successfully breach barriers and steal data, governments worldwide have increasingly held companies that store data responsible for its protection. The European Union specifically imposes strict penalties on companies who suffer breaches due to insufficient protection. 

Forewarned is forearmed. Don’t be a cyber criminal’s next victim. Raise your cyber awareness today by contacting a respected and trusted provider of dark web scanning services. 


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