How Can an IT Audit Help Your Business?

Very few companies today can get by without some reliance on information technology. In fact, most modern organisations are totally reliant on IT to help them with everyday operations. And yet, still, many are not fully prepared for a potential security breach. 

The consequences of such a disaster can be severe, and, while it may be very difficult to completely avoid this type of situation in the future, every business should take steps to mitigate their exposure. At the very least they should commission a full IT audit, so they can plug any loopholes, introduce better techniques, and protect themselves as much as possible.

Audit Methodology

A full IT audit is the best way to defend any business system against a variety of different security loopholes and the ever-present cyber-criminal. Such an audit is in depth and generally involves several steps. Expect the auditor to grill key members of staff, to help them learn how your business currently handles IT matters. They will perform a variety of vulnerability scans and test your system to see how it holds up.

Systems Analysis

When you initiate an IT security audit you will get a clear understanding of how data flows through your system and how it should be secured at each step of the journey. This will involve an analysis of all the processes and technologies that you have in place so far, to help avoid a data breach and to see whether such systems are, in fact, already capable and robust. 

The audit team will help you realise the risks that you face following a breach and how this could lead to a variety of different legal disputes with affected parties.


When was the last time that you determined the efficiency of your hardware or software tools? If they are not configured and working efficiently then they may have several different weak points, which will be exposed by your audit team.

Standards Analysis

You may well have security standards and policies in place, but are they really working? An audit team will analyse your documentation and may refer to any previous audits to see if any of these policies and procedures need an upgrade. If there are any gaps in your security system that may allow unauthorised access, these will be identified, and steps taken to close them off.

Suggested Improvements

While an IT audit is looking for problems, it may also help you to understand areas for improvement. You may be able to take advantage of new technologies or best practices and the IT team may recommend an upgrade or the deployment of different security tools in certain areas. If you face a specific risk in a previously unidentified area, then you may need to introduce specialist software to patch your exposure and, once again, this will be identified during your IT audit.


Put simply, you cannot afford to ignore the risks and simply continue along the same path. Commission your free IT audit today.

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