How can office 365 help businesses improve workplace productivity?

How to Use Office 365 to Improve Workplace Productivity

In business, the mantra today must be flexibility. After all, every organisation needs to be on its toes in order to keep ahead of its competition or to deal with an ever-changing marketplace and this means that it must have the capability to change its ways. In the “old days,” business may have been constrained by its bricks and mortar establishment, and its employees governed by a nine-to-five routine. These days, however, work can take place remotely due to advances in communication and technology and when properly addressed, can result in a significant boost to productivity. Office 365 is a suite of tools developed by Microsoft to take into account this new approach to business and it can benefit an organisation in many different ways.


The company can get rid of its on-site, physical server and store all of its information “in the cloud,” using the OneDrive facility. Each employee can access their business email and project information at any time and from anywhere.

In Sync

Furthermore, employees can access all of their data on multiple devices, as Office 365 will sync their smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop and up to five different devices. If an employee updates a file at their local coffee shop, they’ll be able to work on the same updated version as soon as they arrive at the office.

Latest Versions

Most people are familiar with the traditional Microsoft Office productivity tools such as PowerPoint and Word. Office 365 will always have the latest version of these tools on hand, featuring any new revisions.

In Touch

Communication is everything and collaboration is key. Employees can use this suite of tools to share their calendars and keep in touch with instant messaging. They can use SharePoint as a central project management hub, where they can collaborate closely with other team members in real-time. They can also use Skype for Business to talk in real-time and develop a private social network using other tools within the productivity suite. This can only help to improve employee bonding, leading to more engagement and productivity.


Questions will always arise about data security, but everything is encrypted using the latest security monitoring and threat management approach. Microsoft’s cloud products have always met the highest standards laid down by regulators and will continue to meet or exceed industry standards.

By Design

Office 365 has been designed from the ground up, to be the best communications and collaboration tool for any growing business.

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