How The Internet of Things Can Benefit Your Organisation

The internet of things (IoT) has quickly emerged as a vital and accepted part of business, education, government, and even daily lives. Connected devices and equipment work to maintain efficiencies, prevent problems and enhance communication and information delivery. 

In many fields, sticking to traditional methods and older technologies will no longer be feasible. Those who wish to build or maintain a competitive advantage will need to invest in IoT and other technologies.

IoT and Manufacturing

Over two-thirds of Far Eastern manufacturing companies currently, use IoT and related technologies. Manufacturers in the United States use IoT much less, but most major companies have invested in upgrades.

IoT benefits manufacturing in several ways. It streamlines production by managing the process as efficiently as possible. IoT based technology can use data to make decisions and report progress to human managers.

Using IoT enhances safety in the industrial workplace as well. Systems that monitor equipment performance can raise alerts if the machines come close to overheating or dangerously malfunctioning. It takes human monitors seconds longer to respond, but those seconds could save a life, prevent injury, or result in less damage to machinery. 

IoT can also prevent problems from happening through monitoring the production process. It can detect better than human managers when machines no longer run properly and efficiently. Then it alerts managers that equipment requires attention, whether that comes in the form of maintenance, repair, or replacement.

Professional Services Can Gain From Using IoT

Professional consulting services already employ IoT technology in a variety of ways. A recent study predicts that between 2018 and 2023, a space of only five years, professional services reliance on IoT technology will more than double. 

Professional services can use IoT in a number of innovative ways. One company used IoT programs to track personnel movements and interactions in the office. They sought to use data harvested to improve office design, fostering more productive interactions and improved efficiencies in the use of space. Another company used an IoT app to help staff on the road locate important destinations, alert them when meeting partners had arrived at locations, and other helpful applications.

IoT’s Potential Impact on Education

Education will likely see a digital revolution of its own in the coming decade, and IoT will serve as one of the catalysts for the coming changes. A wide range of devices and programs can augment learning, research, presentation, and other key elements of education and schooling.

Inevitably, this will result in further educational decentralisation as students of all ages take more online and remote course offerings. IoT can help them to stay connected to instructors and other students more effectively while enhancing the overall educational experience for all involved. 

One program that has served as an important tool for students from kindergarten to graduate school is Blackboard. Blackboard synchronises digital-based learning, virtual and physical classroom technology, and even student services into a single program. Students and administrators can both keep track of important issues more easily.

Another example of IoT’s impact on education comes from tech education. A service called Locorobo uses robotics to help students learn coding languages. It also instructs more advanced students on how to build their own IoT systems from basic to advanced levels. Many school systems have elevated the importance of learning to code. Learning that language has grown in importance to that of mastering foreign languages. 

These represent a small sample of the increasing impact that IoT will have on all forms of education going forward, enriching the experience and enhancing knowledge. 


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