Myth #1 – MSPs Are Too Expensive

Perhaps you’ve been contemplating reaching out for some external support for your IT system.

Has your business outgrown it’s current structure and you’re looking for additional support? Have you recently been a victim of cyber crime and are now looking for added security? Does your business require more than just your 9 – 5 IT support?

Reaching out to a Managed Service Provider could be your answer.

Perhaps the initial quote for this support is higher than what you were anticipating but offloading some or all of your IT support services to an MSP means saying goodbye to longer-term costs. No more expensive equipment purchases or costly new hires.

  • A predictable cost thanks to a fixed monthly fee for service, no matter how much work is done
  • Technicians proactively addressing their IT issues without the expense of salary and benefits
  • A single point of contact for all of your IT needs, simplifying billing and vendor management
  • A 24/7 support system that minimizes revenue loss from downtime or costly errors

Did you know that MSPs reduce recurring, in-house maintenance costs by 40% and free up in-house teams to be more proactive?

You might be managing your own IT in-house or relying on someone to handle your issues as a break/fix service. Paying for everything as issues arise or relying on small and overworked in-house staff to get the job done is costing you more than just time. Paying in time, hassle and money whilst getting lower quality service in return.

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