Myth #2 – I’ll Have To Fire My Team

The fear of change often deters us from taking that leap or next step in life and in business.

When speaking with Business Owners, Directors, Practice Managers of Companies that have internal IT Support, I am often faced with their concerns that it’s an automatic death sentence for what is existing.

So how do I overcome this as a salesperson, and why is this something that couldn’t be further from the truth?

My priority is to assure the client that my only concern is to understand the specific needs of their business, meaning; working alongside existing staff, augmenting their skills and expertise and allowing their team to focus on higher priorities.

75% of organizations saw no negative impact on their internal IT teams as a result of bringing on an MSP.

Outsourcing some of a business’s IT needs to an MSP means they will be extending the capabilities of their team, without sacrificing quality or costing them money, as well as bringing on a unique set of focused skills that can help keep up with new technology trends.

According to Cisco, MSP’s increase client efficiencies by 60%

An MSP can serve as an expert to a business in everything from network infrastructure and the cloud, to how AI might have a place in their business plan – round the clock support – covering the business’s needs after hours and on the weekends, taking the pressure off their team, resulting in less turnover and be ready and have them focus their energy on the things they do best.

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