Myth #3 – I Won’t Have Support When I Need It

When you employ the services of a Managed Service Provider, you are employing a partner to effectively and efficiently manage your business’s IT needs.

A service-level agreement (SLA) defines service expectations. It also means covering every minute of the agreed agreement, without overworking your team. When disaster strikes on Saturday morning, or your help-desk supervisor phones in sick, an MSP is there so you don’t have to scramble to cover the bases – they’ve got you covered!

The staff at your MSP are constantly updating their current certifications and skill sets, so you have the peace of mind you will always be able to count on proactive, highly skilled service. Why bog down your internal department, when your MSP will deliver you customer support around the clock, both remote and on site, allowing proactive issue management with well-defined SLAs that keep everyone on the same page.

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