Ransomware Attack Hits Hospital

Federal security agencies are investigating a ransomware attack at Melbourne Heart Group, a specialist cardiology practice located at Cabrini Health’s hospital at Malvern.

First reported by The Age, it appears after infiltrating medical records of 15,000 patients at Cabrini Hospital, hackers demanded a cryptocurrency ransom to regain access. 3 weeks later, the Melbourne Heart Group issued a notice that the breach was resolved and patient privacy was not compromised. However, some believe that the organization ended up paying the ransom, and the data may have been inappropriately accessed by hackers.

If hackers were able to gain access to the data, they would be able to sell patient health information on the Dark Web or orchestrate large-scale identity theft. What makes matters worse is that the investigation has not yet uncovered the culprits or motives behind the attack. In summary, this can pose a moderately high risk to the patients affected

Ransomware attacks can bring crucial systems down for multiple weeks at a time, interrupting business processes and eliminating control. Without a detection tool to monitor for loss in customer or employee data, companies are left speculating the severity of consequences.

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