Technology Changes Businesses Face in 2019

With the technology industry constantly changing and evolving, it can be difficult for businesses to stay ahead, or even to keep up. However, the changes are also exciting because of the improvement they offer to the experience of both staff and customers. The biggest technology changes businesses face in 2019 include: 

The Rise of Artificial Intelligence  

  • Artificial intelligence has already come a long way, and businesses are scrambling to incorporate AI into their current processes and systems. One of the biggest developments in this department is the deployment of chatbots to help meet customers’ needs 24 hours a day. This change is projected to continue to drive innovation for both large and small businesses for years to come. 

Awareness in the Cybersecurity Sector 

  • The digital world continues to advance, and so businesses need to fine tune their awareness of cybersecurity issues as a whole. Hackers work to get their hands on anything they can, and businesses are starting to increase their security efforts in response. They continue to add extra encryption layers to reinforce the safeguarding of information. 

Cloud Integration 

  • Companies both large and small are making the switch to cloud software. Not only is the cloud a highly secure platform for sensitive information, but it allows businesses to scale back their hardware thanks to cloud storage platforms. 

Greater Emphasis on Influencer Marketing

  • People who enjoy “influencer” status on social media can give a business or brand a face and excellent exposure. Businesses are changing their marketing tactics, and new approaches include using influencers to sell produces and increase their reach. Also, influencers give authenticity to a brand’s advertisements, and this will be invaluable going forward. 

Switching to 5G

  • The fifth generation of cellular capability promises much faster speeds than 4G with minimal delay when it comes to data transfer. Businesses will have to adapt their services and devices to support 5G as we move through 2019. There isn’t a clear-cut formula yet for achieving this transition yet, but it’s important to keep the development in mind. 

Using Social Media Marketing 

  • Social media marketing includes things like pay-per-click advertising campaigns and tailoring ads to target specific customer bases and audiences. In turn, this can boost sales and engagement, two things that are great for a business’s bottom line. 

These six technology changes businesses face in 2019 will keep owners busy all year long. However, it’s going to be worth it. Staying on top of developments will drive more customers to your company, and re-position your organisation for success in the market. Prepare to see your business thrive. 

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