The Benefits and Disadvantages of Mobilising Your Workforce

Over the past several years, businesses have started to put more emphasis on the mobilisation of their workforces. With this comes a unique set of benefits and disadvantages, and knowing them ahead of time is an excellent way to prepare your business and smooth the process over. We’ll highlight them below. 

Benefits of Mobilising Your Workforce 

When it comes to mobilising your workforce, it can benefit both large and small businesses if you do it correctly. We’ve rounded up the biggest benefits: 

  • Increased Productivity – If your employees have a long commute to work every day, they can quickly burn out and become disengaged from the company. Mobilising your workforce allows them to avoid the commute altogether. This can boost their productivity levels because they can spend more time on focused work and personal time, and less time commuting. 

  • Lower Overhead Costs – When you move your employees to telecommuting and working from home, you move your processes to the cloud. This reduces your company’s overall overhead because it decreases how much office space you need. You could see a savings of $7,000 to $10,000 per employee, per year. 
  • Happier Employees – If your employees enjoy what they do and are productive, they’re more likely to stay with a company. Additionally, happier employees are between 10 and 12% more productive than their unhappy counterparts. Allowing for mobilisation enables your employees to get a better balance on their work and home life. 

Disadvantages of Mobilising Your Workforce 

There are a few disadvantages to mobilising your workforce that you should consider.

Discourages Communication – Communication is vital between your employees and the company as a whole. With your employees not in the same building, it can be harder to share ideas, ask questions, and simply to communicate in general. Your employees may be less likely to ask for help if they have to work more for it. 

Security Risks – One other large disadvantage is the heightened security risks with a mobile workforce. In a typical office setting, your employees are less likely to leave any sensitive information laying around where anyone can see it. They’re also less liable to expose their devices to any malicious software in an office than they are working from home. 

Mobilising your workforce has definite benefits and disadvantages associated with it. It’s up to you to decide whether or not the benefits outweigh the risks for your business and then proceed based on your unique needs. 

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