The Vital Importance of Website Maintenance

Your business deals with maintenance constantly. Machinery breaks down. The toilets need repairing. One of your service vans needs an oil change and tire rotation. You understand that to keep your business running right, all of its machinery and working parts must function right and get regular maintenance.

It may surprise you, but your website presents no exception.

What Is Website Maintenance?

Website software and connections to other sites degrade all of the time. If you have built your site from the ground up, you should perform regular checks to ensure that it functions as designed and gives visitors the experience that you intend. Maintenance checks should occur on a regular basis.

Also, you should allow any necessary updates or security patches requested from your trusted online source. Many of these come as responses to known threats from the cyberworld.

How Does It Enhance Security

Cybercriminals have pivoted toward the “low hanging fruit” of small businesses, non-profits, public school systems, hospitals, and rural government agencies. They rightly assume that many such institutions hold valuable data, but use only rudimentary security measures. 

Probes and attacks happen often. Small scale institutions that have data security responsibilities need to regularly ensure that the barriers to malicious entry remain sound. 

Your Data Is Your Responsibility

The Australian government increasingly places responsibility and accountability into the hands of businesses that gather and store data. Those doing business in the European Union and the United States should stay aware of their heightened expectations as well. 

In Australia, businesses covered under the Privacy Act of 1988 have a responsibility to protect the information in their care. Those who collect Tax File Numbers and keep them in data storage, including government agencies, must inform the government of breaches under theNotifiable Data Breach Act. The United States has voluntary incentives to organisations who meet or exceed data protection standards while the EU tends to apply punitive measures to companies that experience breaches and losses of sensitive information. 

Reach Out to the Experts

Before the bad guys breach your data wall, call the experts at Milan Industries. For almost 15 years, our team has kept up with the good, the bad, and the ugly of internet development, helping clients navigate it all. Our professional and experienced team know how to shore up and even improve your data security. Use our convenient contact page if you have any questions or wish to schedule an appointment for service. 

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