Top 5 tech tools to Help you stay Productive

You know how the old saying goes: time is money. When you’re using your time inefficiently, you’re losing money – which no businessperson wants.

We can’t actually manufacture more time in a given day, but we can use technology to help us use our time more efficiently. The apps below can help you get more done while using up less of your time.

The most important element of using your time effectively is to avoid distractions. Our modern world is full of things that take our minds off work – social media, news websites, and daily rewards in our favourite mobile games, to name just a few. Freedom gives you a way to block all of the internet and social media, or just lock yourself out of particular apps or websites. Select the device, the sites, and how long you want the block to last. Get focused on work and watch your productivity skyrocket.

Staying organised is key if you’re going to get work done; there’s nothing more stressful than realising that project deadlines are flying by, and now you’re going to be working frantically to get everything done. Wunderlist lets you manage your own progress, but it also lets you share to-do lists with your team. They stay up to speed and you’ll know when their part of a given project is complete. Plus, you can eliminate time consuming progress report emails and meetings.  

If you haven’t tried this “email-killer,” you’re in for a fantastic surprise. Slack offers just the right mix between email and chat programs so that you can quickly and easily message with colleagues and clients. You can set up general channels for all-personnel communications, specific channels for teams or projects, and direct messages for when you need to have a one-on-one conversation. You can also set up push notifications and never miss a message.  

Tired of spending hours to get everyone on the same page for a meeting time? Doodle sets a date in your diary without all the fuss. You suggest possible dates and times for a meeting; the app contacts other participants and lets them vote on the meeting time which will work best. Doodle confirms the best date for everyone (or at least, the majority) while you keep your mind on the important parts of your job.  

If you find that music helps you focus while you work, but have spent hours creating just the right Spotify playlist, you have to try focus@will. A “neuroscience-based music subscription service that helps you increase your attention span by up to 400%,” the app curates a specific playlist for you and your needs that will boost your concentration and improve your focus.  

Are you looking for more solutions that will boost your productivity and get you and your team working at full speed?

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