Understanding the Dark Web and Its Risks

The dark web is a corner of the internet that has passed into folklore. Shrouded in secrecy and associated with all manner of unsavoury activities, this area of the world wide web is one that all of us have heard of, and yet very few of us truly understand. Let’s examine exactly what the dark web is, and shine a light on the true risks that reside here. 

Defining the Dark Web

Simply put, the dark web is a portion of the internet that search engines don’t index. You can’t access it without using software that makes you anonymous, such as Tor. Tor stands for The Onion Router; a network that was initially developed by the United States’ military before being released to the public. It adds another encryption layer to your computer when you browse, and it directs all traffic through a free overlay network that makes it almost impossible to track users. 

The dark web is a hotbed for criminal activity. It’s not illegal to visit it, but it’s illegal to engage in activities on it. The dark web’s URL ends in .onion instead of the traditional .com or national suffix. Also, the dark web is chaotic, slow and unreliable for the most part. 

You have access to several illegal things on the dark web. You can buy usernames, passwords, counterfeit money, drugs, guns, bank account information, social security number, Netflix accounts, and you can hire hackers to break into sites for you. You can also buy software to break into people’s computers and steal their information. All of this demonstrates why activity on the dark web is considered illegal in almost all international jurisdictions.

Dark Web Risks 

One of the biggest risks of using the dark web is getting caught performing illegal acts. You can face jail time and large fines, and it’s possible to get caught even if you use the anonymous browser to access it for nefarious purposes. 

Also, identity theft is huge on the dark web. If someone gets your information, they can charge things in your name, take out loans and mortgages and do a lot of damage that can take months or even years to fix. 

How We Can Help 

We offer dark web monitoring service that will alert you if it finds your sensitive information on the dark web, and we work to identify any exposed credentials that we find. This can help to protect your identity and save you months, and even years of problems as you attempt to restore your name and credit. Get in touch with us today if you’d like more information about the dark web, the risks and how we can help. 

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