Why automation continues to be game-changing in 2019

Few tech trends are making bigger waves than automation. 2019 is set to bring progress, upgrades, and increased adoption to this rapidly growing field. As a result, its game-changing effect will be felt by both business owners and operators and consumers alike.

Let’s examine the future of robotic automation in a little more detail and discuss the various ways in which it can streamline processes and reduce expenditure for businesses.

Looking ahead to the future of automation

Robots, drones, self-driving vehicles, and AI solutions are being developed at startling rates – and have been for some time now. The next big step will see a leap from stand-alone technologies to complex, multi-faceted systems of artificially intelligent, autonomous things.

As automation becomes increasingly intelligent, we can expect to see these technologies establish connections, allowing them to interact with one another. For example, autonomous vehicles are starting to recognise imagery, track locations to uncover the best possible route, incorporate voice recognition, and relate to other automated technologies to improve both convenience and safety.  

What’s more, the number of attended robots – that is, robots working alongside humans – in business is set to rise in 2019. This opens up new and exciting possibilities for productivity management.

How automation can change the game for your business

Developments in automation give company owners the opportunity to reimagine how they delegate day-to-day operations. Here are just some of the way automation can change the game in your business.

Automation will boost both efficiency and accuracy

For humans, working faster often means taking shortcuts. Unfortunately, these shortcuts can lead to inaccuracy. Automation will improve both efficiency and accuracy – the 100th entry will be just as precisely executed as the first.

Automation will boost productivity

Typically, the best tasks to automate are those repetitive, tedious jobs that send your employees into a daze. Automated robots don’t lose focus and can complete data entry-style tasks significantly faster than a human could.

Automation will streamline collaboration

Teams that work together on projects generally rely on each other to accurately input information and then send out a notification that it’s time to move on. Automating critical tasks can streamline this type of collaboration. Tasks can be completed promptly, and all relevant team members can be automatically notified.

New developments in automation will allow for increased flexibility

There is no one-size-fits-all way to incorporate automation into business operations. As new developments, refinements, and upgrades hit the market, businesses will more easily be able to pick and choose the automation solutions that benefit their day-to-day tasks.

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