Why Virtualisation is Critical to Your Business’s Continuity

 When it comes to system design, your business’s continuity is an essential consideration. Having a comprehensive plan in place will help to ensure that each department that makes up the business will be able to function and operate during a disruption with minimal negative impact on their operations. Virtualisation is a critical component to this plan’s success, and we’ll detail why below.

Virtualisation is a Tool for Business Continuity

Over the past several years, the IT industry has made leaps and bounds with the development of comprehensive virtualisation technology. It allowed this sector to consolidate data centres and revolutionise how well businesses recovered from disasters or setbacks. Using both virtualisation software and business continuity have ensured corporations can meet any continuity objectives the business sets, like recovery time objectives or recovery point objectives.

Before this technology existed, businesses had a very difficult time meeting their recovery time goals because they had to have access to physical computers. Virtualisation changed this, and also gives several other advantages to businesses and organisations including: 

  • Server Portability– By creating virtual images of your business’s critical system servers, it doesn’t matter which hardware you choose to utilise to recover from a massive failure. As long as it supports your hypervisor, it can help you quickly recover your servers.

  • Eliminates Downtime – The enhanced portability that virtualisation gives you allows you to seamlessly shift your servers to other devices to drastically reduce your overall downtime. You can patch, perform maintenance or upgrade them without bringing them all down.

  • Data Recovery– Virtualisation gives you an added layer of insurance or security. It has prompted businesses to add a variety of data recovery services right within their business continuity plans when they make them in order to reduce downtime.

Why use Datto as the Preferred Continuity Solution

It’s simple; you’ll get high-quality services that come backed by years of experience. When it comes to your business’s continuity, wouldn’t you rather rest assured that you have a dedicated and talented team working with you? 

This is what you get when you work with our preferred continuity solutions. We firmly believe that there is no limit to what small and medium businesses can do with the right technology, and we give them all of the tools they need to succeed and thrive. We’ll work to tailor a plan to suit your business’s unique needs and form a solid continuity plan. Contact us to get started!

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